10 hacks of life to be always fit

Are you often tired? Are you often sick? You do not have enough energy to enjoy your evenings, your weekends? You have ambitious plans for your life but you don't have enouth energy to accomplish them?

Here are 10 hacks of life that I apply in my life to capture the energy where it is to radiate happiness and confidence:

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Personally I find all these hacks of life to have more energy pretty gentle. I have them all integrated in my daily and weekly routines.

And I'm 98% of the time in excellent shape, clear minded, and in a good mood. I am sick once every 5 years on average.

But my true secret is not one of these life hacks.

My real secret is the perfect mastery of the 5 pillars of energy management. It is thanks to that I have well managed my professional career, my love life, and my finances are doing very well. If you want to know more, click on the link in description to watch the video on the 5 pillars of energy.

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