Concept 2: How to increase your income

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How to have a promotion in your company


Quit your job to earn more


How to increase your income if you are salaried employee

Here is the Waterfall Revenue method to increase your revenue in 3 steps

You know what you want in your life

but you do not know how to finance

time goes by...

...and takes away your dreams.

Me too I’ve been through this feeling for so many years

until the day I changed my methode. I stopped following the advice: short, all those who represent the system nowadays

to fo it my way.

How did I do? For which results?

I followed a 3 steps strategy:

1 - I learned how to manage my money

Why you want to earn more money if you do not know how to spend it?

2 - I reached confortable income

Confortable income rings you security and serenity.

How? En by creating value for my company.

When you know how to create value, your company can be very generous.

The Waterfall Revenue project teaches you how to do.

Time is your most precious ressource. Enjoy to the fullest, and invest part of you time to generate income from your side-hustle.

The Waterfall Revenue method has 4 levels:

You already spend a certain number of hours in your company. The idea is not to spend more time, but to be more efficient, and especially to take the right actions to have a promotion or a salary increase.

To match or even surpass your employee salary.

Many people on the web say it's easy. In reality this is not easy, because when you already have a comfortable salary, as an executive or supervisor, to generate at least as much money, you have to be able to generate a lot of money. If you take your pay slip, there is the net income that you cash. It's not the full expenses of your employer: there is also health insurance, pension plan, taxes. This is this total employement cost you have to match by creating your job, not your net salary. Often in developed countries you have to multiply your net pay by 2 to get the total cost. So if you have a salary of 2000usd net, you must be able to generate a profit of at least 4000usd to be able to pay you a net salary of 2000usd.

So if you already have a salary for a $3000, $4000, $5000, and you multiply by 2, you see that these are sums consequent to generate.

That is, not working, or having the choice to work when you want.

When you learned to ski, did you start with the black track?

No, you did not start directly at the black level, or even at the red level. You started with the green track. By the easy level, that is: how to do in my company to have a promotion or to have more income. It can also be, if you are already satisfied by your salary in company, to earn as much money but spending less time at work.

So be patient, do not spend your time looking for shortcuts, move forward step by step.

Here is an example to give you some ideas to increase your income

If you have no idea how to create value, upgrade your company and develop additional income, the WATERFALL REVENUE method will help you follow strategic life choices.

It worked for me: in 2008 I lived in a small apartment in Paris, then I developed skills (SOFT SKILLS and HARD SKILLS), which allowed me in 2012 to expatriate with large increase of salary (a company that did not have my skills in its geographical area was ready to pay me a lot). In parallel I developed side-hustle income, which allows me today to have a rather quiet job in a small tropical paradise, with a lot of free time, and additional income that compensate for a lower salary (compared to what I could have working at the head office of a big multinational in a big metropolis).

And what about you?

You do not lose anything to try the method because it is based on a universal principle: the creation of value

I'll teach you how to save time, reinvest it and create value.

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How to have a promotion in your company
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