Concept 5: Flee the system

80% of people on Earth are influenced by their environment to such an extent that their brain becomes formatted to think in a single way: they share the belief as the socio-professional group to which they belong. Their worldview is so limited that their ability to reason, create, differentiate is too small to succeed.

On this page will be published resources to learn how to decondition your brain and free yourself from the influences of the system. So you can better think, you can get released from the unconscious limitations that have conditioned your brain. And finally you take action and win.

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Why the system is bad for your success

This is certainly the most difficult concept to understand,

but it is also the one that will allow you to achieve success, the one that will free you up. The system in its sociological form is something so abstract.

The society in which you live brings together a group of individuals who commit to laws, voted in a more or less democratic way according to the States, and which define in a rather clear way what is authorized and what is not.

The outline of this framework was written decades ago,

and a number of sociological groups have positioned themselves. They exercise today a power of decision, influence or nuisance.

From this game of counter-powers is born an established order that is not perfect, but which, for most countries, is better than all the social systems that preceded it in history.

Sometimes the system breaks, a revolution starts, and everything changes very quickly.

But in general the system evolves slowly, which is a guarantee of stability conducive to the prosperity of society.

Inside the system, every individual has a reason to be. He owns some of the power.

And he is ready to do anything to keep it.

Every individual is afraid to change, afraid of no longer having a role in society, afraid of not being up to the unknown.

You must have realized in your company, the slightest change unleashes the passions.

The problem for you is that this game of counterpowers, releases a lot of negative energies that distract you and turn you away from your goal.

Politics, media or lobbies are probably the most egregious examples.

Politics is essential to the functioning of a democracy: there are political ideas, philosophical doctrines, and men and women to defend them. But if you put these people to debate, everyone will take his role and defend this or that doctrine, in a verbal battle where the best speaker takes over, not the best idea.

Have you ever seen a TV debate that ends with a compromise, a solution to a problem?

This opposition of ideas and all its folklore feeds media in excess that must make audience to sell their advertising. Less visible, the lobbies of large groups and organizations pull the strings to change - or not - the system, in the direction that suits their interests.

The problem for you is that this established order is defended by the political, media, economic, educational, but also by your family environment and friends.

They have formatted and conditioned your mind, and limited your ability to think.

How to flee the system

To flee the system is not to live as a hermit, because it would mean for you to deprive you of all the benefits of life in society.

It is also not joining extremist movements because, although they consider themselves anti-system, they are part of the system.

It's not following alternative media because they too are in the system.

To escape the system is to be able to take distance from the system,

to better observe it, better understand it, be less influenced, to come back to it with a unique value proposition, which will differentiate you from the mass, and allow you to succeed your life, well 0beyond average.

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