Differentiate on vacation and don't do as everyone

I'm still on vacation. Today I am going to talk to you about energy management, time management and how to relax and to let go.

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So far all the successes I've had in my life are based on a simple rule: do not do like everyone else.

Remember this advice: as soon as you do like everyone, you have to tell yourself that you are going to have results like everyone. That is to say, in the average. Not mediocre, not exciting either.

So if you want to have results above average, you have to differentiate yourself.

This is what I explain in the Waterfall Revenue method for a successful career and financial life, especially with the concept 5 Flee the System

So yes I'm (again) on vacation. In a beautiful hotel on a tropical island. I'm on the second day.

And on this second day I have a level of energy infinitely superior compared to the first day.

And I'll tell you what I did differently between day 1 and day 2.

The first day

First day I woke up at 9:30. A little in a hurry not to miss the buffet breakfast which closes at 10am.

Then back to the room. Take my shower and prepare my things to go to the pool. I walked around a little bit in the hotel to find a free sun lounger in a nice place. That is to say in the shade on the first line with a beautiful view, far from people who smoke, far from people who speak loudly.

Once laid I scrolled several apps on my phone, ordered a burger with french fries, watch few videos on YouTube.

It started to rain so I went inside the room and I wrote an article for

Waterfall Revenue. Then I went to watch the sunset in the Jaccuzzi,

before going dining with the family at the restaurant.

Not bad for holidays... Now compare with the second day...

The second day

Yesterday I went to bed at 9:30 pm. At that time, in the tropics, it is dark night

I left the curtains open and I woke up naturally by the sun at 5.30 in the morning

In excellent shape.

I took a quick cold shower, clutched the backpack prepared the day before, cross the resort completely desert, took some photos without anyone on it for my personal archives. I went down the steep path that leads to the beach. After 15min walk I found myself alone on a wild beach.

I sat down and meditated during 15min. I had an extraordinarily clear and lucid mind.

Then I took some notes on my phone for a very good idea of content for Waterfall Revenue that came to my mind.

Then I took out my drone to do some illustrations videos. You know that I do not show my head on videos because of my job. So I need pictures for the YouTube version of the podcast. Royalty-free video bank are ok to use but i need more exclusive images. So I'm doing these beautiful pictures early in the morning, with nobody around.

15 minutes to get back to the hotel, still desert.

I swim a few laps in the pool and than I meet my family who arrived at the buffet breakfast.

There are only few people who got up early to go on an excursion. For us it will be for another day.

After eating we will rest and settle by the pool. Still desert. And I spend some good time with my family.

It is now 9:30. Exactly the same time as yesterday when I woke up.

I feel like I have already done a lot of things in my day.

And I always have the whole day in front of me.

Around 10:30 to 11:00am the crowd invades the deckchairs, big clouds come down from the mountain. It will rain this afternoon. I am very happy I have already enjoyed my day.

To be effective during holidays

There are 3 powerfull lessons to remember for a relaxing vacation:

In my professional career it was the same. From the moment that I start to differentiate myself,

to aquire sharp knowledge, to have on my resume rare associations of skills, to develop different thinking logics than the average people, then my professional career has accelerated.

This is what I explain in the Waterfall Revenue Method.

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