Concept 3: Get to the point

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Maximum efficiency: the tools you need


Why be productive and stop dispersing

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Biggest problem which prevents individuals and organizations from achieving their goals

it's dispersion.

Over the years, the list of tasks to be done each week is growing longer,

costs for individuals and companies increase,

there are more and more temptations to consume more products, services and media.

And you end up doing all these things in automatic mode, you have the habit of doing them,

it's easy to do, because it does not ask you to think and you stay in your comfort bubble.

They fill your days, to the point that you convince yourself that you have no time to do anything else.

And that poses 2 problems:

For a company it's the same:

there are all these incoming and outgoing financial flows,

all these complex processes,

this complicated oraganizational chart.

So leaders can feel organization is strong,

but in reality the company is unable to know,

what action produced what result,

which individual had a decisive contribution this year.

And what happens?

The company does not change as fast as its customers,

as fast as its competitors, as fast as its environment.

The organization is no longer competitive and has to change... brutally,

whereas it could have happened smoothly over the years.

In fact, deep inside of you, you feel confortable having these busy days,

because it prevents you standing alone facing yourself,

to handle challenging issues,

whose resolution could disrupt the established order,

and take you to the unknown that scares you so much.

The result? You are overbooked but you do not progress.

You're dispersing.

Your professional career is at a standstill.

Your personal life is stagnating.

The process of creation - destruction - creation is specific to nature.

Be alive is not just to be in movement,

be alive is to be the conscious actor of a process of creation.

To evolve you have to master 1 fundamental skill: Go to basics, straight to the point.

And for that you must learn to:

Why you should manage well your time?

How to?

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Maximum efficiency: the tools you need