The most inspiring waterfalls

The inspiring Waterfall series posted on YouTube shows at each episode a waterfall that I discovered closed to my home or during my vacation, with each time a strategic thinking on how to shape your life and succeed. Each time, the offbeat content of the usual programming of Waterfall Revenue, in a dream setting.

Rio on Pools Belize

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It's here in Belize and I decided to start this series of inspiring waterfall videos.

Belize is a tiny country on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Tousits come for nature, diving spots, and for Caribbean atmosphere.

On the other hand, as soon as you go to the inland, there are less tourists. To go to the waterfall Rio on pools, we had to get up early, find someone with a jeep and drive for 2 hours in the jungle.

And there, there are barely a dozen people on the site. Without being exceptional, this waterfall is wide with a good flow and offers nice views. If it were located next to the sea closer to the hotels, with an asphalt road, there would be hundreds of people on the site.

If I draw the parallel with professional and financial success, it's exactly the same thing: a-s soon as you do a little more effort than others, as soon as you venture a little further than the masses, as soon as you make the extra mile that 80% of people do not want to do, you access a financial situation, here represented by this waterfall, well above average.

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The concept is simple: when I travel and see a waterfall that inspires me, I talk to you about a topic related to the success of your professional career, or the success of your financial situation.

Dubai Mall's inner waterfall: a sustainable source of cash flow?

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I seize the opportunity of short stopover in Dubai to continue the series Inspiring Waterfalls

and tell you about a waterfall which is located at the heart of the city.

We are in the United Arab Emirates. This is a very desertic land on the shores of the Persian Gulf. There is no fresh water, no river. Canals, lakes and fountains are fed by desalinated seawater, burning oil or gas, which is not very ecological.

The waterfall I'm going to talk to you about is obviously artificial. It is located at the foot of one of the largest skyscrapers in the world (Burj Khalifa), in the heart of the Dubai Mall, which is one of the largest shopping and entertainment center in the Middle East.

Looking at this beautiful waterfall that only works with powerful electric pumps, I draw the parallel with many techniques that I see on the Internet to increase revenue, and which rely primarily on online advertising. Basically you sell a product, physical or dematerialized, and you pay ads on Facebook, Instagram, (or whatever) to attract customers to your online shop. The major disadvantage of this strategy is that when the price of advertisements becomes too high, you can not afford them anymore. It is as if the pumps of this waterfall have no more electrivity: immediately the money stops flowing.

Whether it is to create additional income, or to find a job in a sector of activity, you have to ask yourself the question: am I following a sustainable strategy over time?

Because if you invest your time in something that will work a few months, or at best a few years, you will never achieve high levels of success, because you will always need, again and again, to rebuild everything.

To reach the heights, you need stone after stone build skills and sustainable sources of income.

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Camiguin in Philippines: how to make a success of your life thanks to the focus

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I am in the Philippines, on Camiguin island. It is a small volcanic island absolutely charming and I bring you today at the foot of this waterfall which has a flow of water very strong and very concentrated and that inspires me this strategic thinking:

To succeed in your professional career and to achieve income as abundant as this waterfall, you must be focused on a strategy, a skill, and maintain this focus for several years. If all the water of this cascade was not directed to the same point, so concentrated, it would be but an insignificant runoff.

But concentrating all its strength on a specific point, it becomes powerful and abundant.

So whatever your life plans are, do not run in all directions, stay focused on what really matters, on what brings value, and you will succeed in your personal life, in your professional career, and your income will be as abundant as this waterfall.

That's all for today.

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The concept is simple: when I travel and see a waterfall that inspires me, I talk to you about a topic related the success of your professional career, or the success of your financial situation.

See you soon for another video, maybe in the Philippines, maybe somewhere else in Asia or in the world

Tumalog Falls Oslob Cebu Philippines: why you should diversify your main source of income

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I'm in the Philippines, on Cebu Island, and I went swimming with whale sharks in Oslob. The site is at the extreme south of the island, and as the sharks come only in the morning, you have to leave the Mactan hotel resort area at 4am. On site there are approximately 10 to 30 whale sharks. Here the environmental considerations are well taken into account, but the site is saturated, and we can see that it is not sustainable tourism at all. There are already too many people around the whale sharks, who may decide one day not to come and have their breakfast in Oslob. Which would be an economic tragedy for the municipality.

What I find interesting here is that the municipality is also developping tourism at a beautiful waterfall close to this whale sharks spot: it's named the Tumalog Falls, and an access road has been built to easily reach. So year after year this waterfall is besoming known, and if one day the attraction with the whale sharks no longer existed, there would always be tourists who would come to Oslob for the waterfall.

This is what we call in business diversification.

The Waterfall website talks about strategies for a successful financial and professional life, and there is a whole section dedicated to the concept of diversification: how to diversify your skills and sources of income

So if today you only have one source of income; and if moreover you work in a sector not very sustainable, or in an industry that will undergo deep changes in the coming years; do the same as Oslob's local authorities and take the time to think how you can diversify your income and your skills.

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That's all for today. See You soon for another inspiring waterfall video. There are many beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines here and before the end of my vacation I will try to do at least one more video fort this series Inspiring Waterfalls.