Do you have a vision for your life? The MCQ test

Do you have a vision for your life? Where are you in your life project? What is your life mission? And above all, where are you in planning your life plan? This MCQ test will allow you to check where you are in this process, and will tell you precisely how the Waterfall Revenue method can help you move forward in your life to achieve success.

The MCQ test on your life vision and planning
Let's have a look on your profile
How to take control of your life (Profile 1)
How to take a step back in your life (Profile 2)
How to stay on course and succeed your life (Profile 3)
How to make a success of your life when you do not know which way to go (Profile 4)
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To begin the MCQ test on your life vision, take a sheet of paper and a pencil to record the answers (the question number and the letter of the answer). At the end of the questionnaire we will do the accounts together and depending on your profile you will receive personalized advice and very concretely, you will know what lessons of the Waterfall Revenue method will be useful to move forward in your life.

The MCQ test on your life vision and planning

Here are the 14 questions of the test:

1 - How do you define your vision of life:

A - Non-existent

B - Very imprecise

C - Almost clear

D - Very clear

E - Perfectly clear in every detail

2 - Has your vision of life taken into account your deepest desires?

A - Not at all

B - A little but I'm not sure I know myself

C - Yes I think so

D - Yes I am sure

E - Yes absolutely because I know perfectly who I will be in 20 years

3 - Have you already visualized your ideal day?

A - I never thought about it

B - Yes vaguely

C - Yes, pretty much

D - Yes perfectly

E - Yes in every detail

4 - You know exactly where you will live during:

A - Next 3 months

B - Next 12 months

C - Next 2 years

D - Next 5 years

E - Next 20 years

5 - What does your plan look like to achieve your life goals:

A - I do not have a plan

B - I have a plan in my head with the outline

C - I have a written plan, it is clear and pretty detailed for the next 18 months; beyond that, I defined important milestones, but a number of elements are not yet very clear

D - I have a written plan and very detailed horizon 10 years or more, I am very motivated, nothing can make me deviate from this plan

E - I have a perfectly detailed plan for my entire life

6 - What is your approach to this plan:

A - I do not have one since I do not have a plan

B - When I would have more time, I'll take care of it

C - The plan exists but I might change it at any time depending on my progress, obstacles and opportunities that I encounter

D - I can slightly modify my plans, but certainly not in depth, whatever happens

E - I must apply this plan no matter what happen in my life, I am a go-getter, 100% motivated, nothing can make me deviate from my trajectory

7 - How many milestones or key milestones are defined in your life vision:

A - None because I have nothing defined

B - 1 only: the final result

C - 2 or 3 milestones

D - 4 or 5 milestones

E - 6 milestones or more

8 - In relation to this plan, how many important projects are you running?

A - none

B - 1 in preparation

C - 1 or 2 running

D - 3 running

E - 4 or more running

9 - Do you know how much money you need to access your ideal life?

A - No, I never calculated

B - No, I tried to calculate but I did not succeed

C - Yes, at +/- 30%

D - Yes, at +/- 10%

E - Yes, at +/- 5%

10 - Do you know the monthly income you need to concretize your life project?

A - No, I never did the math

B - No, I tried to calculate but I did not succeed

C - Yes, roughly, to 1000 €/$ near

D - Yes precisely enough, 500 €/$ near

E - Yes exactly, within 100 €/$ or less

11 - What is your attitude to your vision of life?

A - I did not do anything for the moment

B - I have a plan in mind and started doing 2-3 things

C - I have a written and detailed plan that I update regularly; I manage pretty well to follow it

D - I have a written and detailed plan that I try to apply even though I’m not good sticking to it

E - I have an extremely precise and detailed plan that I will soon begin to follow

12 - Today your daily life looks like?

A - I live from day to day waiting for a good opportunity

B - It depends on my mood and my inspiration

C - Almost always the same thing, with daily and weekly routines that I can pretty much hold over time, and some activities that change my routines

D - Every day exactly the same thing

E - I know exactly what I have to do every day, but I can not keep up

13 - How much do you believe in your vision?

A - For me it's very virtual and hypothetical

B - I believe in it but I doubt my ability to achieve it

C - I know that I am capable of it, that I will reach my goals, even if sometimes I find the way to get there longer and more difficult than I would have thought

D - I believe in it 100%, I have just started, and I find the way to reach it very easy

E - I believe in it 100%, I am very motivated, not only will I succeed: I will beat all the records

14 - What does your vision look like?

A - To nothing

B - My vision is related to my happiness, the happiness of my family and friends, and certainly not to financial elements

C - My vision contains a mix of elements related to the acquisition of material goods, life experiences, people I love, the realization of things that will impact my family, my community, my country or the world.

D - More than 80% of my vision involves the acquisition of material goods or the financing of a lifestyle

E - 100% of the elements of my vision concern the acquisition of material goods or the financing of a lifestyle

Let's have a look on your profile

Here we are. You have completed the MCQ test about your life project. Let's now make the math to define your profile.

You now have 3 numbers: A+B answers, C answers, and D+E answers.

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How to take control of your life (Profile 1)

It's time to take the leadership of your life if you want to do something about it.

For you there is everything to do, everything to learn, you leave a blank page in front of you. The road will be long. Hopefully the Waterfall Revenue method will be very useful to you by bringing rigor and method. By putting the seriousness of which you are perfectly capable of, you will soon exceed all those who know very well about their life project, but who are stuck in the execution phase.

Because your sloth on the subject of your life is your asset: use effective methods to find the fastest way, to arrive at the final result even if you skip a few steps. But be careful even taking shortcuts, the road to great ambitions will be difficult. At the beginning big obstacles will stand up in front of you to test your will. The temptation to stop will be huge: you will have to quit your comfortable zone of laziness to overcome the first difficulties.

Once you have acquired the mindset of success, it will be much easier and results will come fast.

In general, people with this profile also need to learn skills related to time management, how to have good energy level all the time, and how to deal with money.

Start the adventure by taking a paper and pencil right now to set a vision for your life. Check out on this youtube channel (by the way subsribe to receive upcoming educational videos), or on the website, how to build a life project.

How to take a step back in your life (Profile 2)

You are very motivated, very organized, very confident in your abilities. It's good. Now what I'm going to tell you will not please you: your vision and your plans are too rigid, too detailed. You have to let go of the pressure, take a step back on what you're doing so you do not go straight into the wall.

Beware of the pitfalls of personal development that make you believe that great motivation can make everything. This is not true for ordinary people: it is the strategy that you follow and the skills you develop that make you progress. If your only asset is motivation, you are only a big mill that brews air.

Do not waste your energy and time: act intelligently, look at the world that is evolving around you, that's how you'll see the opportunities. You need to be more receptive to avoid losing a few years of your life by going down a dead end. Accepts that your plans can be challenged at any time, accepts that other people may also be right and bring you the skills you lack.

You may have consumed a lot of content on the internet related to personal development, and various techniques to achieve your goals. So you already have all the knowledge you need: following the publications Waterfall Revenue to enter the era of strategic planning. I will help you think differently.

You will probably be confused at first: patterns of the method are radically different from what you find everywhere on Blogs and Youtube. But if you follow the Waterfall Revenue teachings, your results will be increased tenfold.

How to stay on course and succeed your life (Profile 3)

Congratulations you are on the right track. You know what you want in life, you are at a stage where you have already taken your life in hand, with good planning and a good state of mind: safe enough to move forward with a decided step, with this touch of humility that allows you to question yourself.

And above all you are flexible: you have enough life experience to know that it is useless to plan everything, because life is an unpredictable journey, and the most important g is to be agile and seize opportunities when they show up.

The Waterfall Revenue content will propel your results beyond your expectations. If you browse the website, you will see a lot of beginner content on the surface: it's not really for you, because you're at a higher level. What you need is the more advanced strategic thinking that I publish for members of the Private Circle Waterfall Revenue (it's totally free, check out on the website the footpage and follow instructions to subscribe.

How to make a success of your life when you do not know which way to go (Profile 4)

You have a certain amount of knowledge, you have already faced the difficult exercise of planning, you have already undertaken actions with more or less success to improve your life.

But you need help to organize your ideas, make the best use of your skills, gain perseverance and endurance.

You are typically at the level I was 10 years ago. That's what the Waterfall Revenue program is all about: i will help you to organize your ideas, talk to you about private life and professional carreer strategies that accelerate results, pass on the skills you need to progress faster than the average.

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