5 concepts to succeed

This article discusses the 5 fundamental concepts of the Waterfall Revenue method. Each concept is explained, and refers to other resources of the website

A vision for life
Increase your income
Get to the point
Escape the system
How to learn more about these concepts

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Success does not wait for you. You will not come across it by chance. Nor is it because you are going to work hard that success will come to you, like an automatic reward. Succeeding is a much more subtle process

Here are 5 concepts that you must now integrate into your life to succeed:

A vision for life

You must have a vision for your life. This vision is your life project. This is the goal to reach as soon as possible.

At this point you do not know how to reach it yet, but whatever you do in your life, whatever decision you make, you have to ask yourself:

Your vision is the lifestyle you want to achieve. It must be financed.

Increase your income

You have to increase your income. Money is necessary to your lifestyle, but above all, it secures you and makes you freer.

There is the money you earn and spend immediately: it's the cash flow needed for your current lifestyle. Your life project may require a higher budget. You must then learn to reach the target level as soon as possible.

Then your life project may require capital, like buying the house of your dreams, or have an asset that will generate you cash flow.

There are techniques to increase your income. And the only resource you have is time.

Get to the point

Time is your most precious resource. You can sell it on the job market. You can use it to gain knowledge, experience, and therefore skills. The more skills you have, the more you will be able to create value in the least amount of time.

And you will reach your goals quickly.

Your time is a limited resource: the days are only 24 hours, and your life is not extensible.

Do not waste your time. Go to the essential.

Use your time qualitatively if you do not want to spend the majority of your life on Earth working and sleeping. You must learn to manage your time, to be productive and to release as quickly as possible a maximum of time for you and your loved ones.


Diversification . If you have only one source of income, or if you have only one skill that creates value, then you take the huge risk of seeing your entire life crumble, if your only source of income disappears (example: you lose your job), or if the only skill you master becomes obsolete (example: because of a new technology).

Your life strategy can not be based on a fixed plan well established in advance. You must be agile , multi-skilled, with multiple active revenue sources.

Escape the system

Flee the system. To succeed in your life, and to be certain to attract success, you will implement strategies with a determination that less than 20% of the people on Earth have because 80% of the population is carried away by the course of life. People let themselves be controlled by the system: by their government, by the media, by companies, by advertisers. That is to say, by a whole bunch of entities and individuals who profit largely from the established order.

To succeed you do not have to do like everyone else.

It is not a question of joining extremist causes, or living recluse of society. It's about learning to live not in the system, but beside the system. This is where you will execute your strategy without being distracted by the ambient noise.

How to learn more about these concepts

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