The 5 pillars of energy to always be in shape

In this article I explain to you what are the 5 pillars of energy to master to always be in shape. To know these 5 pillars, and to know how to implement them in your life, gives access to an extraordinary creative energy. With a perfect understanding and mastery of these 5 pillars, follow my example and access to a rich life humanly, professionally, and financially.

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Everyone talks about form and health,

everyone at his little recipe to always be fit,

his miracle energy cocktail to have plenty of energy.

These are nice tips, lots of good sense and good will, but the problem is that they do not work in real life.

They do not work after 2 hours spent in traffic jams,

they do not work after a marathon day busy with meetings and conference calls,

they do not work when it's cold outside and raining.

It took me 15 years to understand the subtle alchemy to always be in shape. I have long believed that I could not keep fit because the weather is not good, because my boss and my colleagues annoy me, because I spend too much time in transport.

Then, life experience after life experience, I improved the management of my energy, until I reached a rather interesting level of control:

My discovery is summed up in 5 pillars which must absolutely be mastered to live fully his life and to succeed:

1 - Treat your addictions

Addiction the word is hard. We immediately think of drugs, alcohol, gambling.

But besides these heavy addictions that have existed for thousands of years, there are those softer, more insidious, that have the devastating power to pump all your mental energy:

The problem is that these mild addictions are very difficult to detect: we do not realize, and we do nothing to treat them.

At the end of this article I will offer you a method to deal with this problem that has a big impact on your energy level

2 - Sleep Well

Easy to say, not easy to do. There is the sleeping time length, and its quality. The problem is that modern life has so disrupted the natural rhythm of sleep that 80% of the human population does not sleep enough.

Sleeping is the most effective action to regain good energy levels.

At the end of this article, I will tell you about a progressive method to find the right rhythm of sleep. It is above all a method that works for those who have a very active working life.

Eat at a fixed time, fresh and varied products, rich in vitamins.

Easy to say but as soon as the working days become busy, as soon as stress and worries appear, you are too lazy to cut vegetables, you take in the fridge which is the easiest to eat. Prepared products full of sugar and salt, pasta and preserves. I have a terribly effective method to always eat well even when professional times are challenging. I'll talk about it in other videos, subscribe to my Youtube channel to get notified.

4 - Take care of your environment

Living, working, revitalizing in inspiring, orderly, uncluttered and clean places to live is very important to staying in shape.

Evolving in such environments requires little physical and intellectual effort, and pleasantly solicits our 5 senses.

This type of environment is conducive to the capture of positive energies.

5 - Be well surround

Negative people pump your energy. You have to choose the people with whom you spend your time.

The problem is that the negative people are not always the ones you believe: it can be a very good friend, the college with whom you get along the best, a member of your family with whom you often communicate .

I developed a matrix to identify positive and harmful people. From this realization I made difficult decisions and today I am extremely happy to have taken them because my life is much more positive.

Knowing these 5 pillars is good, but mastering their application all the time is the key to success.

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