The 4 fundamental skills to succeed

To succeed in life,

there are 4 basic skills to master.

If you do not control them,

you will not maximize the potential of

all your other skills,

of all your efforts,

of all your knowledge,

from all your experiences.

ENERGY: how to always be in shape
Time management
Get rid of STRESS
MONEY: how to handle it

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ENERGY: how to always be in shape

In the universe, on Earth,

energy is the basis of everything.

To create value,

your body and especially your brain,

need positive energy.

To succeed you must know how

to keep fit.

No matter the weather, the seasons,

pressure at work,

the problems you encounter.

If you are often tired,

if you are often lasy,

if you are often depressed,

if you are often in a bad mood,

you may say it's because of your job, because of commuting, your boss, the weather...

But if basically the problem was not that you do not know how to manage your energy?

If you are tired of having lots of ideas to improve your life,

but that you do not find in you the energy to move

outside the couch where you are slumped right now,

go to, and follow the section ENERGY: you'll find the solutions to your problem.

Manage your energy


Time management

Time is the most precious resource in your life.

You do not know how many you have.

But one thing is certain:

from day to day, from year to year,

you have fewer and fewer.

Your time you can sell it on the job market,

and get paid back.

Your time you can invest it by acquiring knowledge,

creating products, services, systems that will produce income.

Your time you can invest with those you love or wish to help.

There are certainly dozens of things you would like to do,

in your work to bring more value to your business,

for you and your loved ones,

but you do not have time work on them.

So you tell yourself it's the fault

of this job that takes you too much time,

it's the fault of your company that is not well organized,

it's because of your boss who asks you for useless things,

of your team that is not autonomous enough.

But have you ever considered the fact that at the root, the problem,

it may be that you do not completely control the art of managing your time?

If you use the same methods of managing your time,

that most of your colleagues and acquaintances,

so you most likely do not have the right strategy.

There are some simple principles to know,

and that are dreadfully effective to recover,

depending on your situation, between 10 to 20 hours each week.

If you consider that you are really productive only 30% of your time at work, then with all this time recovered and used well you will easily be able to use it to double your income.

Check out the site, and follow the TIME section: you'll find the solutions to your problem.

Manage your time


Get rid of STRESS

It's your enemy number 1.

Sometimes it shows itself obviously,

like when you have too much to handle at the same time.

Sometimes it plays hide-and-seek,

when you postponed problem solving to another day,

or when your mind is struggling with your anxieties.

And without you realizing it, unconsciously, stress takes control of your body and your brain.

Stress tires your body and mind,

it takes away all lucidity,

prevents you from thinking and diminishes all your organizational abilities,

until you are paralyzed.

You are agitating in all directions but you do not move.

Stress keeps you from creating value,

or worse, it pushes you to make bad decisions,

alter your judgment, restrain all your abilities.

Living without stress is above all a philosophy of life.

To never be stressed you have to organize your life, your work,

so as not to be surprised.

Always have a shot ahead and no longer undergo external events.

If you can not handle your stress,

(ie if in the last few weeks you have felt stress for more than 5% of your time), then you need to acquire this skill as soon as possible.

On the website, follow the STRESS section, there is some content that will explain to you a solution in 2 steps:

Handle stress


MONEY: how to handle it

What's the use of wanting to make more money,

if you can not manage your money?

What is the point of having more income,

if all your money disapear as fast as you earn it?

Your government and the national education system did not teach you how to manage your money,

because if too many people knew how to manage their money,

then money would not circulate enough, taxes would not be collected,

and the economy would slow down.

Your bank and financial advisor have no interest in explaining to you,

otherwise they could not make money with overdraft fees,

consumer loans,

or selling you poorly performing financial products.

Before you make more money,

learn to manage a budget,

learn to save money to invest while enjoying life.

If you want to learn how to better manage your money,

and incidentally to earn more,

the winning strategies are on the website, in the MONEY section.

Manage your money


These 4 skills are closely related

Lack of energy leads to poor time management.

Poorly managing your time will let stress enter your life.

And if stress paralyzes you, you lose energy and can not manage your time anymore.

The lack of money generates stress and prevents you from enjoying your time as you dream.

And it breaks your morale to the extend of being depressed.

Manage your energy


Manage your time


Handle stress


Manage your money


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