The 12 rules for not getting sick in winter and summer

Diseases, especially small viral infections, have ruined part of my life by putting my energy level at 0, preventing me from making the most of my free time. They impacted my work performance, slowed the progression of my professional career, and impacted my finances. During my professional life, I lived in cold, temperate, desert and tropical regions. With each climate, with each season its challenges to stay fit, but in the end I have identified a series of rules that work when temperatures are cold or hot. In this article I explain to you how not to get sick thanks to the application of the elementary rules to always stay in shape. In winter when it's cold, there are 4 rules to follow absolutely to avoid 99% of viral infections. In summer or if you live in a warm country, there are 7 rules to know to control your energy level. At the end of this article, I'll send you back to the method I've created to stay in shape and sustainably elevate your energy level: that's what I'm applying in my life now, and it's a basics of my personal, professional, and financial successes.

The 4 rules for not getting sick in winter


Today it's been 10 years that I live in the tropics but I lived 25 years of my life in the cold of Europe. When I started my professional career in Paris, I was confronted with a problem: I had the rage to give everything to succeed in my professional career, I wanted to show my best to seduce a partner ... but I did not have enough energy. I had all the viruses that were hanging around, and they pumped lot of my energy. Then I started to apply 5 simple rules in my life ... and that changed everything for the better:

1 - wear gloves in the winter and wash hands when arriving at the office, at home, after shaking hands, before eating or before putting hands in the mouth

2 - at least once a week, disinfect phones, keyboard, mouse, glasses, car steering wheel using an anti-bacterial product (the one used to disinfect hands for example)

3 - eat fresh fruits and vegetables. My favorites are those easy-to-prepare and eat. Like the juicy ones: clementines, orange juice, grapefruit, kiwis, tomatoes, cucumber... ideally 5 per day. That's a lot, but it's terribly effective for having energy

4 - sleep 8 hours each night. Always secure your sleep time. Sleeping less will lead you getting weaker and having a larger attack surface for diseases.

Sleeping well is essential. I created a training program with a method to always be in shape, with a high level of energy, based on 5 pillars. One of these 5 pillars is how to sleep well, and a large part of the training is devoted to the implementation of elements in your daily life to have a excellent quality sleep, with a very practical method to apply. It requires very little effort. One of the promises is to reduce the number of viral illness days you have per year to 0. If you're interested, follow the link in description that will take you to a page on my website Waterfall See you soon.

The 7 secrets to not get sick when it's hot


I continue to share with you the result of my experiences to always be in shape. It's been 10 years that I live in countries where it's hot all year, and I took a long time to discover these 7 simple tips to never get sick:

1 - eat a spoon of rough honey every morning. Nothing better to rid the throat of nasty parasites that will turn into sore throats

2 - Do not drink too cold water : it is very tempting with suffocating heat but again it weakens the throat, which is a gateway for diseases

3 - Several times a week, drink an infusion of ginger (prepared at home is much better)

4 - Do not leave food in the open (especially meat and fish) and empty garbage very often. A tip: have a trash of small capacity and not wait for it overflows to empty it!

5 - wash your hands often , after shaking hands, arriving home, arriving at the office, after sweating...

6 - do not put the air conditioning too strong - 22.5 degrees Celcius (72.5 degrees Fahrenheit) is ideal. Whenever possible, favor natural ventilation by opening two opposite windows in the dwelling

7 - Have your air conditioning cleaned at least once a year, at home, at the office, and in the car

These 7 tips are nice little hacks of life to avoid getting sick that you can easily put into practice.

Now if you want to raise your energy level because you have goals to achieve, or simply to better enjoy life, I created a very effective method to always be in shape, which is based on 5 pillars.

To learn more, click on the link description that will take you to a page on my website, Waterfall Me too, before, at night, during the weekends, I was like a vegetable without energy slumped in my sofa. Then I changed just a few things in my life and my results were dazzling: Career, lifestyle, personal finances ... the success was open to me. From my successes I created the Waterfall Revenue Method to help all those who are motivated to improve and succeed in their lives. Among the fundamentals of my method to succeed, there is how to learn how to manage your energy: always be in shape. That's what I explain to you in the link in description.See you in a second on the other side.