The Waterfall Revenue Projet

Discover in this article the genesis of Waterfall Revenue, why I decided to open to the general public a project initially created in private. You will learn how the Waterfall Revenue method is a quality support for a successful life, with increased happiness and finances.

Waterfall Revenue: the origins
A rigorous analysis of winning strategies
Checking my theory
What is Waterfall Revenue?
Next steps

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Waterfall Revenue: the origins

The Waterfall Revenue project is based on experiences, successes and failures, in my professional career and in my personal life. It is a method successfully tested for a successful life,

which I theorized to share with the greatest number.

Those who applied it had results far superior to anything they had experienced before.

Because it is the result of a rigorous analysis of what leads women and men on the road to success, on the road to failure. Or worse, for the majority of them, on the road to success, mediocrity, or banality.

The road of banality, I traveled on it for quite some time, until the day I understood the essence of success. Until the day I saw limpidly, the way of life, the ways of thinking that change the trajectory of one life.

When you have become aware of the psychological locks that must be blown up, inner demons that must be overcome, then the road to success will open up to you.

To find the road to success there are two methods: the first is to try many different routes, until by chance find the right one. The second is to have a strategy.

Si tu as atteint la route du succès par hasard, tu peux à tout moment la quitter sans savoir comment la retrouver, car tu ne maîtrises pas l'art de la trouver.

If you have reached the road to success by chance, you can leave it at any time without knowing how to find it again, because you do not master the art of finding it.

A rigorous analysis of winning strategies

A few years ago, I found the highway of success through a golden career opportunity. I first thought it was linked to luck, but in hindsight I can say today that even though I was not aware of the actions that brought me to this life trajectory, subconsciously I had done the right things, with the right mindset.

Then I analyzed my life path during the last 20 years, with his successes, his failures, his wanderings, his sufferings. There were many dead ends, desert crossings. I took risks. I began to touch happiness, then I opened wide my door to welcome success.

I discovered that each time I had met with success, I had undertaken specific actions, which had placed me on a life dynamic conducive to the seizure of opportunities.

This was the trigger: I finally decoded the genome of success!

Checking my theory

During the last 5 years, I rigorously applied this method and I saw my level of happiness increasing considerably. Then, once I found happiness, I saw my finances improving in an exceptional way.

Note: many are looking to increase their income to achieve happiness. They embark on an endless race that will never make them happy. The secret is to start by finding happiness.

I was also interested in the ways of life of people I met (family, friends, colleagues, enemies) and especially the strategies they have followed and the results they have obtained over long periods.

I discovered that there is little to change to achieve success.

And yet for the most part, the inhabitants of our planet remain on their achievements, in their comfort zone, and they do not evolve.

What is Waterfall Revenue?

Originally the Waterfall Revenue project was a private project to teach my children what I would have liked to be taught when I was 15 years old.

Today I open this project to a wider audience, to benefit those who are in the same frame of mind as me from experience, strategies, skills, tools, techniques to make a success of their life.

And to succeed, for me, is to be happy. Quite simply.

The project is mainly a website,, which is published in English and French(see the link at the bottom of the page to go to the French version). There is text, video or audio content like this that is distributed on platforms like Youtube.

The goal of the project is to have a small group of motivated people, with a good mindset, people like you who want to progress in their lives, who are willing to change their way of doing things, ready to think differently, because they are convinced that a better life is possible.

The content will be very practical: I talk to you about strategies to succeed your life, concrete techniques to increase your level of happiness. If you follow the process, you will acquire the necessary skills to increase your level of happiness and increase your income.

Be warned: we are going to talk about money. There is not necessarily a correlation between income level and happiness. But since ancient times all civilizations use money to exchange goods, services, experiences, knowledge, we must earn money.

Money is a way to reach your goals, that's why I'm going to teach you how to get more. But beware, the Waterfall Revenue project goes far beyond having more money.

If you're just trying to make a lot of money, quickly and easily, this project is not for you.

If you are looking to make more money, to finance a life project, then the Waterfall Revenue project will help you a lot.

Because this project is for those who need to be guided to give meaning and vision to their lives, to those who are willing to lead their lives strategically, to those who want to know the shortest path to success, to those who feel stuck in their current lives and seek a way out, to those who are persuaded who have great potential just waiting to be released.

In the Waterfall Revenue project, there are 3 types of content:

Next steps

Now you know everything about Waterfall Revenue. You can continue surfing this website. To be notified when new contents are published, subscribe in English or French to the Youtube Channel, the Podscast, and maybe also to The Circle if you are really interested by these thematics.

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