How to sleep well with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese ancient art that promotes the health, well-being and prosperity of the occupants of a place through the regulation of energy circulating in the environment. The practice of Feng Shui helps to regulate the circulating forces, to balance them, in order to have an optimal energy.

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Feng Shui is therefore an esoteric discipline. So why I am talking you about Feng Shui on this Waterfall Revenue channel, which is above all a serious program to improve your professional performance and personal finances?

Here is my approach to Feng Shui: it's a wide discipline. I take from Feng Shui some ideas, and I also abandon a large number that I find personally too farfetched. What I take and apply in my life is all about the interior architecture, the layout of the objects in the living spaces, because I find that Feng Shui gives good advice and manages to theorize the things you feel when you're in a place.

I leave others to debate the rationality of Feng Shui. I have always been someone very rational and logical. Nevertheless, since I opened my mind to aspects of life and things not explained by science, especially on the circulation of energies, with Feng Shui for example (but not only), I have started to integrate into my life common sense elements that have, I think, had a positive impact on my level of success.

In this example, we will take from Feng Shui only tips related to sleep well, how to have quality sleep and a restful sleep, thanks to the organization of the room. You'll see, it's above all common sense. If you try to visualize in your own room what is not recommended by Feng Shui (that we will review in a second), you will realize that there is something wrong, that it is not the natural order of things, and that for some reason it disturbs your inner feeling, although you cannot explain rationaly.

Let's start with the position of the bed. The examples that follow are put into practice in a small room, with a door at the top right, and a window at the top left.

In this first example, the bed is located near the door. This is not recommended by Feng Shui, because when you are in the bed, you do not see who comes in through the door, or in any case you do not see enough in advance who enters the room, and he is easy to be surprised.

Bed positions advised and discouraged by Feng Shui

In this second example, it is the same principle, with a bed too close to the front door.

Bed positions advised and discouraged by Feng Shui

In this other example, particularly discouraged by Feng Shui, the bed is in front of the door, in its direction. The bed would receive too much energy, which is bad for the occupant of the room.

Bed positions advised and discouraged by Feng Shui

In this other example, we have the bed just below the window. This configuration is not advisable, because according to Feng Shui, it would encourage the escape of the positive energy of the person occupying the bed during his sleep. If it is not possible to position the bed otherwise, this configuration can be improved by attaching thick blinds to the window.

Bed positions advised and discouraged by Feng Shui

In this other example, we have the bed that is not at all parallel to the walls of the room, so energies are not balanced. This provision is therefore not recommended.

Bed positions advised and discouraged by Feng Shui

In this other example, the bed was positioned in the middle of the chamber. The bed does not rest against a wall of the room, which is not recommended either.

Bed positions advised and discouraged by Feng Shui

In this other example, we have the bed positioned in a corner. If it is a bed for 2 people, it is obviously not at all practical. From a Feng Shui point of view, it is not advisable, because the energies there again are absolutely not balanced.

Bed positions advised and discouraged by Feng Shui

The following example is better, but, according to Feng Shui, it would be better to center the bed in the middle of the room, in order to balance the energies. Here, the energies coming from the right are disproportionate to the energies coming from the left. When you live alone, and even more when you live as a couple, it is important to ensure that the elements on both sides of the bed are perfectly balanced.

Bed positions advised and discouraged by Feng Shui

Feng Shui also advises against putting the bed under a beam.

Here in this example is the ideal situation, with the bed far from the door, with as much space to the right as to the left of the bed. The head of the bed is against a wall, and the bed is not under the window. So here we have a very good configuration according to Feng Shui, which will promote a restful sleep and quiet nights.

Bed positions advised and discouraged by Feng Shui

Sleep well by arranging what surrounds the bed

It is recommended to have a headboard, relatively wide, high and solid. We will prefer it integrated to the bed frame or the box spring, in a noble material, like a beautiful fabric or wood.

It is also advisable to have two bedside tables on both sides of the bed. Again, to ensure balance, we will favor identical bedside tables.

Beds with storage are not recommended , just like beds with drawers. Feng Shui advocates unhindered energy flow around the bed, and also under the bed. Which therefore prohibits having storage under the bed. This advice is not necessarily easy to apply when you live on a small surface, but at least being aware of this point, it is possible to do for the better.

Also, Feng Shui does not recommend mirrors in the bedroom, especially those in which one can be reflected while sitting on the bed. On this subject, I read that the presence of a mirror in a bedroom would promote marital problems. So in doubt, it may be best to avoid having a mirror in the room. A few years ago, I rented an apartment with built-in wardrobes that had large mirror doors. I had bought a beautiful roll of wallpaper and had covered the mirrors by fixing the wallpaper with double-sided tape. No longer having these large mirrors allowed to have a room seeming more intimate.

Feng Shui also advises against hanging on the walls of the room portraits of people, or animals, giving the impression that they are looking at you.

More tips for sleeping well with Feng Shui

It is important to always keep your room clean and tidy so you can sleep well.

How to sleep well with Feng Shui: what to remember

The functions of a room are to sleep, relax and have intimate moments.

Bedroom is not a storage room, nor an office, nor a workshop. This is not a place of work. It is not a movie theater either, so do not put a television in the room. And it's even less a dining room.

Whether you join Feng Shui or not, whether you believe it or not, I'm just going to ask you to take one take away: lways keep your room clean, tidy, and well arranged.

If you apply these tips correctly, and if in addition you remove from your room all electronic devices such as TV and mobile phone, for a full week without fail, I can guarantee you that you will start to sleep better and better, and in general to feel your positive energy level increase considerably.

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