Who I am

I tell you in this article who I am, who is behind Waterfall Revenue. I reveal myself a little but not completely, and I will explain why.

My beginnings in working life
The day I decided to change
My second life
My life today

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My beginnings in working life

My name is Alex and fifteen years ago I graduated from a prestigious university. Hired at the age of 23 with a fairly good executive salary. My business card showed the name of a prestigious company, with an address in the beautiful districts of Paris and the title MANAGER. Frequent trips to the other side of the Atlantic in first class, luxury 5-star hotels and limousine transfers with driver. Enough to make envy among my old classmates.

But soon some disappointments appeared:

I spent half of my professional life like that

The day I decided to change

Until the day I took control of my life strategically by asking the right questions:

The outcome of this deep thinking was a new state of mind for A NEW LIFE.

My second life

The fruit of these reflections was a new state of mind for A NEW LIFE. I had more adventures, I took more risks, I was given more responsibilities, I faced more failure, enjoyed more comfort, I've been through more experiences, got good memories, encountered more obstacles and I was rewarded for what I undertook.

I spent the second part of my life working for companies on continents, Europe, America, Asia, Africa.

I spent more than half of my time away from my country, far from my relatives.

I wanted to enrich myself, and I enriched myself, but I especially understood that true wealth is not a question of money, it is quite another thing.

My life today

Today I live in an isolated place, I started a family, I have a job and responsibilities.

I keep discreet because I do not want my company, my team, my colleagues know that I lead this activity in parallel. By the way, if you think you have recognized me, please keep it for yourself.

I work in a very inspiring business sector, where I have developed rare skills associations that are expensive in the job market. A few years ago I found a job in a small tropical paradise, where I work less than 40 hours a week with 2 months of vacation per year.

Apart from my professional activity I have several projects in progress:

How did I change

The question you have to ask yourself is: How did I change?

How did I go from a banal life to a life well above average?

That's the purpose of the Waterfall Revenue project. To learn more, continue browsing this website, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and request your registration to the Circle to receive my private emails.

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