Why health authorities do not give good advice to not get sick

After years of wasting my free time doing nothing interesting, tired and paralyzed by small viral infections or a big sloth, I hacked the human code to stay in shape. My system to constantly have a high level of energy is based on 5 pillars (I regularly talk about them on the youTube channel Waterfall Revenueb - subscribe to receive the latest videos).

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The 5 pillars are simple. Apply them in life does not require much effort, but some initiation that I explain in the WaterfallRevenue method (if you're interested click on the link description to learn more).

Today I am trying to understand why health authorities do not encourage us to live a more fulfilling life by relying on these 5 pillars.

Take pillar #1: sleep well. Difficult to imagine a TV ad from the National Health Agency that tells us to stop watching television at night so we can sleep well! Just as we do not see the media relay the message that to get better in his life ... we should drastically reduce consumption of media! ... and just stop watching television to feel better.

But, why are the public authorities no more interested in our health and well-being?

The conspiracy theory

Governments want to keep people in a state of lethargy so that they are can keep control and power. They just need a docile population with enough physical health to be productive at work.

So when health problems have an impact on employees and productivity, they launch prevention campaigns:

Economic theory

Health agencies are corrupted by the pharmaceutical industry. Medicine and widespread vaccination have eradicated all the deadly diseases of developed countries. So to continue making money and profits, best is to have a population that is not too healthy, so pharmaceutical companies can sell quantity of more or less effective comfort drugs.

So you need a relatively healthy population to work, and at the same time not going so well, so they need to buy drugs to feeling better.

On the other hand, medias rely on their advertising revenue, indeed on their audience. No way to get the message out that you have to watch less TV and rather go for a walk in nature for feeling better!

The rational explanation

This is because governments and health agencies have so much to do with bigger problems. Doctors are very well trained to cure diseases, but not to help us live better. As long as the population is globally satisfied, and the health care system does not break, there is no need to do more.

And also, we are in a world where everyone if free to enjoy life his life as he wants. Giving life advice can be seen as intrusive, going against individual liberties. That is why the sales of carcinogens products is prohibited in foods and cosmetics, but the sale of cigarettes is allowed.

Personally, all this puzzles me. It's been 15 years since I improved my system to always stay in shape and not get sick . I rely on my health insurance to treat me if something serious happens to me. But as a preventive, I manage my health by myself and I do not wait after my governmentt.

My system is based on 5 pillars, simple rules, and most importantly a method to hold over time, even when my job requires me a lot, even when it's raining or snowing.

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