My Fatigue Energy Tester

I talked to you at many occasions that having the highest level of energy is fundamental to a successful life. Professional career, personal relationships, life projects, financial success: all of this can only be achieved by always having a high level of positive energy.

The problem is that individual energy level fluctuates constantly. It is not always possible to be in top form. And when your energy level drops, it happens slowly, imperceptibly, and suddenly you find yourself in the red zone which is very difficult to extricate yourself: you become lazy, or you always feel a little sick.

I have written a lot on the subject, I even have an online course that explains how to organize your day to always stay fit.

Today I tell you about the testers that I put in place in my own life to detect at early stage signals a drop in energy. Thanks to my testers, in less than 24 hours, I am alerted that something is jamming and I can act on it before it's too late.

Before telling you what it is, let's take a step back. When talking about always be fit, it's easy to find on the Internet a lot of techniques. Honestly from my experience, I am convinced that there are a handful of very simple things to do every day, to keep and recharge your energy.

I explain in my online course how concretely, step by step, implement automatisms that will follow you all your life without fail.

So 95% of the techniques you find in books and on the Internet, are little hacks of life. They are niec to have. At best they allow to gain some positive energy, but for most of them, if they work if thanks to the placebo effect. I tested many of them at a time my professional life that was very intense, and I know what I'm talking about: if you do not master the execution of the 5 pillars I told you about before, you can use as much little hacks of life that you want, you will never have a good level of energy.

Personally I master the 5 pillars of energy management, and I've introduced many of these little hacks into my daily routine. Their function is not to get more energy. They act as a fatigue energy level tester. I'll explain how it works.

Here are my testers (these are just examples):

I read a book for 30 minutes before going to bed

Each of these life hacks taken separately has little impact on my energy level. Overall they require little time and effort to be implemented. They are not essential at all, and my brain will zap them whenever it has the opportunity. Especially as my energy level is falling. With a little less energy the brain self-regulates what can be done, and the tasks in my daily routine that are the least essential are removed. It is then that I realize, when I notice that I have forgotten to do these actions, that my energy level is decreasing.

Then do the test: introduce 5 testers in your daily routine, for example 2 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening (look at my other episode on the hacks of life to feel good if you need ideas).

Taken individually, none of these hacks will have a significant impact on your energy level.

On the other hand, as soon as you realize that you no longer integrate these testers, these are the first signs that you are losing energy and that you will soon fall into the red zone.

And if you get there, you have to look for positive energies very quickly.

If you want to learn the art of always be fit, I remind you that I created an online course to learn how to manage your energy and always stay fit.

I talk about real principles that work, especially for employees and executives who have an active career.

So if you're fed up of being tired, depressed, without energy. If you are aware that this lack of energy negatively impacts your professional career, your personal projects, your love life, This training aims to solve this problem for the rest of your life.

I'm not talking about vegetables with extraordinary properties, I'm not talking about the latest electronic gadget or trendy application, neither intellectual psychological theories. This training teaches you to reorganize your life around five fundamental pillars, and to master them to the point where they become reflexes, automatisms, for your whole life.

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