Travel, a good reason to increase your income @Visayas in Phlippines

My trip to the Philippines in the Southern Islands is almost finished and I decided to make a video on this trip.

Why travel video while the YouTube channel Waterfall Revenue is not dedicated to travel l?

To inspire you and push you to follow the life philosophy of the Waterfall Revenue Method to progress in your life and achieve success.

And especially to share with beautiful images deep reflections on life trajectories and where they lead for those who follow them.

But first let's visit the Visayas together. We will go the islands of Mindanao, Camiguin, Cebu and Bohol.

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When I said that I was going to the island of Mindanao, I saw the worry in the eyes of my entourage. A few months ago, in the west of the island, a local branch of the Islamic State violently clashed with the Philippine army. Even today martial law is in force all over the island. This is the problem when people talk about things they do not know well: they make a genrality about something and they cannot see the opportunities. I'm going with my family in the North-East of the island of Mindanao, an area absolutely not concerned by the security problems. We will visit family and friends in this peaceful and secluded area, but very well served by air from Manila, with several daily flights operated by Philippines Airlines and Cebu Pacific.

I like visiting lost places abandoned by tourists. I like to travel in these places where the visitor is a guest, and not a tourist with whom locals have a commercial relationship.

A birthday, a baptism, a beautiful afternoon beside the fishermen on a deserted beach. A guitar, songs, beers in a cooler, a lecon baboy kunilaw and grilled fish.

Tomorrow we will become ordinary tourists and begin our odyssey in the archipelago of Visayas.


Taking the boat means for me to go on an adventure. In front of us, the dark silhouette of the Camiguin Island volcano, which has recently fallen asleep ... for how much longer?

This island is absolutely charming: just enough tourists to keep some good hotels operational. Breathtaking landscapes. A great sense of calm and security all over the island. We enjoyed hiking inland, snorkelling at the white island, and meditating at sunset.

When throughout the year you have a life filled with uninteresting activities, the trap is to want to do too many things during your vacation, to put pressure on yourself to enjoy at the maximum. A long time ago it was my style of travel, wanting to see everything, take the travel guide from A to Z, to check everything as seen, and come home with great shots to show on social networks. Today I take my time to travel. I travel for me and my family, and I take pretty pictures just for me.

For those who are interested, to come to Camiguin, the easiest way is by plane from Cebu, and there are also ferries from Cebu and the major cities of the north of the island of Mindanao. On site there are taxis waiting at the arrival times of planes and boats. For accommodation, it is better to book in advance because the offer is very limited, the best hotels have 3 stars but only few are recommendable. On the activity side, our hotel organized a private tour of the island for a whole day: waterfalls, beautiful parks, the volcano museum, beaches, snorkeling.

The island of Camiguin is well known by divers for exceptional underwater funds.

Those like me who do not dive, can do very nice hikes inland.

To travel is to recharge yourself, to empty your mind. It was while traveling that I discovered facets of life that I did not know, and considered other possible life trajectories. Think about your future, think about the present moment or think of nothing, like tonight in front of this beautiful sunset, in this small ecological hotel where the wifi does not work.

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There are only a few planes a week to connect Camiguin to Cebu, the second largest city in the Philippines.

I'm not fan of big Asian cities, but they are essential steps to connect with airports, and good for shopping in malls. Tomorrow we will wake up at 4 am in the morning, to head Oslob in the South of the island to swim with whale sharks ( butanding as they name them here in Bisaya). First step of a tour organized by a local agency. It's more expensive than organizing everything on your own, but in life you must learn how to delegate to more competent people.

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Agree to pay to save time, and transfer trouble to someone else. This is one of the secrets of success. I am rather resourceful and can do a lot of things. At work and in my personal projects to create complementary sources of income, before I was doing everything by myself. I had rather average results. Then when I understood the tremendous growth leverage og delegation and subcontracting, my professional career accelerated, and my small personal business started to take off.

Cebu is the name of the island, and it is also the name of a city. The airport is on the Mactan island, very close to hotels with beach. They are not the best beaches in the Philippines, but that's where most of the tourists go to, as Cebu Airport has nearly hourly flights to the capital Manila, and many international flights . The city of Cebu City is not exceptional. There are some intersting architectural building like the cathedral and the fort. It does not take more than two hours to visit. For us it will be only a stop before heading to the north of the island.

Hotel Kandaya, Nord de l’île de Cebu

I've been here a few years ago and I'm going back. It's rare that I come back twice to the same place, it is rare that the second time, the magic is always present.

Since the time luxury hotels are accessible to mass tourism, I feel less and less comfortable in these gigantic places. The service is standardized, as well as the rooms and facilities. There are now too many wealthy middle classes in Asia. They go to large luxury hotels as groups. I do not like the crowd, it prevents me from thinking, from seeing the opportunities. To escape it is not enough to pay high price for a hotel room. Nowadays to escape and flee the system, you have to go where most people do not take the time to go. In these remote places hard to reach, where people in a hurry do not go because they do not want to spend a day on the road to get there.

At the extreme north of Cebu Island a Hong Kong millionaire married to a Brazilian created a magnificent 5-star hotel. I feel that for them it's not just an investment. It's their refuge, their haven of peace where they can come and relax. For a few hundred dollars a night, we will share their dream.

I wrote another article and published another video on this website in which I share at the same time how this kind of pleasant environment stimulates my creative energy and allows me to relax and rejuvenate.

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Cebu City again

After a few days of relaxation, a short stop in Cebu in a hotel of Panglao. Time for me to write a few articles for my Waterfall website, and start the framework of a training program that I would like to put on sale this year: how to get promoted at work and accelerate professional career. I think that, Thanks to my international career expereience, I have a lot of things to share, and that I can help a lot of people. Employees who want to become supervisors or executives, executives who want to access the upper echelons of management, and increase their income. I'll have the opportunity to talk about it later. if you're interested, subscribe to the YouTube channel and also subscribe to my private group The Circl, the link is in description, it's completely free.

Now let's embark on a catamaran: one hour journey going to Bohol Island and its famous chocolate hills.


Beach, Tours

Beach, Tours

That's a nice program.

There are a lot of nice touristic spots in Bohol and what I recommend is to do as we did, to plan an all-day tour with driver. At the end of the day preferably, stop at the famous Bohol chocolate hills. You have to plan to get up early to do this long day trip - about 10 hours in total because there is a lot of transportaton.

We are again in a beautiful 5 star hotels, feets in the water.

If you have some higher education to got a good job, it is nowadays quite easy to travel. In low season Airline tickets are cheap, and luxury hotels are constantly on sales. When I was a young graduate, I had a decent salary and I often traveled with friends. Travelling to Asia, Europe and Latin America was a breath of fresh air. Then the years have past, we are married and have children. My friends stopped traveling. Officially because it's complicated to travel with little children, they tell me that they want to rediscover their own counrty that they do not know so well ... But the reality is that they can not maintain the life style they had before, because their expenses have increased and not their incomes. Buying airline tickets during school holidays for 3 or 4 people is very expensive. At the hotel you have to double the bill: two rooms, meals in the restaurant, activities.

And for most of my former classmates, their current salary is 20, 30% higher than their hiring pay, no more.

Me I did not stop traveling. Why? Because I have put in place long-term strategies and my income has been multiplied, especially over the past 10 years. And you, have you tripled your hiring pay after your got hired for the first time?

To reach that point I followed a strategy in 3 steps:

That's what I explain in the Waterfall Revenue method.

To conclude

This is the end of my trip to the Visayas, but my trip to the Philippines is not over because I fly to Manila where I stop for a few days to go shopping, then head home.

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Bye Bye see you soon

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